Are you finding that yourself or a family member is being bitten around the Ankle, Wrist or Midriff?  Family pet scratching more than normal? This could be there work of the dreaded Flea.  Forget overpriced publicly available treatments and call a professional.  Often, we are told that people wish they had just called in the professionals instead of spending a small fortune trying to self treat.  Flea infestations are easily treated using the most effective approved insecticides available for professional use. 

We perform a crack and crevice surface spray of the entire house, soft furnishings, and floors with a long-lasting liquid insecticide followed by a fogging of the entire property with an Insecticidal fog for an instant knockdown.  It is perfectly safe for your family and pets too. This is then followed up three weeks later with the same treatment in order to break the lifecycle of the flea.  We guarantee our work so you needn’t worry, we will get rid of them.