Pests We Cover

There are two main species of Ant that are likely to be encountered in the U.K.; the Black Garden Ant and the Pharoah’s ant.The Black …
Every loft that we enter and with every job that we do, we are mindful of bats.
With more and more people being able to afford holidays, bedbugs are becoming more and more prevalent.
Bees are generally a benefit to local ecology so wherever possible we will try to persuade you to spare them.
Whether it’s a feral pigeon leaving a mess wherever it goes or a wood pigeon destroying your crop we are equipped to deal with it.
Did you know that a cockroach can survive for 9 days without its head before it starves to death?
Are you finding that yourself or a family member is being bitten around the Ankle, Wrist or Midriff? Family pet scratching more than normal?
Whether you are finding Cluster flies, Fruit flies or Phorid flies, we will be able to identify the species and pinpoint the source.
Foxes can be a concern, especially when a family has small children.
Few of us will have seen a mole, but many will be familiar with the damage that they can do.
There are many species of Moth that you may find present and depending upon their species they may be doing damage to various items.
Rabbits are very social animals that enjoy the company of other rabbits. They also love to dig.
Not a lot of creatures in the world inspire more dread than the rat. These creatures cause billions of pounds in damage every year.
We have the required experience to know what to look for and where to look for it to deal with a silverfish infestation.
Grey squirrels are an invasive species in Britain originating from North America and were introduced to Great Britain in 1876.
Wasps & Hornets
There are actually many different species of Wasp, but here in the British Isles there is only a handful that is actually a pest.