Pest Proofing

Here at Pest In Peace we are big believers in Exclusion over Extermination.  This means that if we can prevent a pest from being able to get into a position where it will be a pest then that is the best course of action.  So where mice may be accessing your building, their access will be identified as part of our control process and measures put in place to prevent further access meaning that we are dealing with a limited number and the Infestation will not reoccur.  The same with Pigeons roosting under Solar panels, if the panels are proofed then the pigeons will have to move on (unharmed) to find another more suitable spot to live.

Solar Panel & Bird Proofing

Solar Panels provide the perfect roosting spot for Pigeons and with solar panels becoming more and more commonplace, so are the pigeons and the numerous problems that they bring.  Whether it be the early morning “Cooing” sessions waking you at dawn or the droppings all over your freshly washed car that are the problem, we are equipped to provide a solution.  We have specialist access equipment and the knowledge necessary to make your solar panels a “Pigeon Free Zone” meaning you can go back to getting a full night’s sleep.