Not a lot of creatures in the world inspire more dread than the rat. It has been a symbol of death and pestilence for quite a considerate amount of time. They haunt our nightmares and scuttle about in our walls. These creatures cause billions of pounds in damage every year. Spoiling food supplies, gnawing through electrical cables, biting babies and small children and much more.

The larger rats can weigh in excess of 2lbs. These carry many diseases including Weil’s disease and Salmonella which both can be fatal. Rat’s teeth are harder than iron or steel and can easily gnaw through materials such as breezeblock and wood. Their teeth never stop growing. As a result they have to gnaw constantly.

A mating pair of rats can have 5 litters of roughly 7-15 pups in a year. A female rat can mate as much as 500 times with different rats in a 6 hour period and are sexually active at 3-4 months old. These figures mean that it doesn’t take long for a couple of rats to become a few and a few to become a lot.