Wasps & Hornets

Few insects strike more fear into the hearts of people than Wasps.  There are actually many different species of Wasp, but here in the British Isles there is only a handful that is actually a pest.  Wasps do serve a valuable purpose though, they are in fact Nature’s very own little pest controllers.  They eat other garden insects such as caterpillars, aphids and the like so are really good for your garden.  More often than not, you won’t actually find the nest, just more wasps than normal in a certain room or area or a number of wasps flying in and out of a gap or hole on a building. 

However, when a nest is advertently discovered they can be quite dangerous.  If the nest is accidentally damaged or you get too close then the wasps will release a pheromone that will aggravate other wasps in the nest and lead to them defending their home.  This is where the trouble starts. 

If you happen to find a Wasp’s nest or signs of a Wasp’s nest in your home or workplace, Get in touch. We are trained and equipped to provide an effective, guaranteed treatment to eradicate the nest and eliminate the danger that the nest might pose.  They are often in awkward or inaccessible spots but we are equipped to be able to find them, get to them and treat them. 

We have treated Wasp’s nests in Schools, Houses, Office buildings, Football Clubs, Pubs, Garages, Sheds and Stately homes all over Cheshire and Greater Manchester and we guarantee our treatments.

What can I say…..fab and quick service! Best price around and Mike who came was super friendly and helpful! The advice given even taught me a few things I didn’t know about wasps! The company name completely reflects the personality of Mike and his team….friendly and down to earth and to the point! Would recommend 100% all the time!

Corinne Nurtney